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Daily Current Affairs Dated 14.02.2017

1. Retail Inflation at 5 Year Low, falls to3.17% in January 2017 as data was released by CSO (Central Statistics Office)

2. ATP Ranking Of Male Tennis Player, No 1: Andy Murrary while WTA Ranking for Female Tennis Player ; No 1: Serena Williams

3. National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) slashed by up to 85% Price of Drug Eluting Stents (DES) and Bioresorable Stents at Rs 30000 and Bare Metal Stent at Rs 7500.

4. 59th Grammy Award Announced – Sandeep From India won stunning solo trophy in World Music Category for his collaboration with acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma Silk Road Ensemble.

5. (i) India won 6th Successive  Test Series against Bangladesh
(ii) Virat Kholi break the Record of Sunil Gavaskar as Captain after 19th Successive Win as a Captain.

Word Power Meaning Dated 14.02.2017

1. Crunch – Shortage, की कमी
2. Dispute – Conflict, Controversy, विवाद
3. Controversy – Dispute, Conflict, विवाद
4. Indeed – I Reality, वास्तव में
5. Launderers – convert illegally obtained funds into legal ones, शोधनकर्ताओं
6. Hush – to be silent, चुप रहना
7. Reiterated – ,इस बात को दोहराया
8. Contention – to say or perform again
9. Explosive – to explode, outbrust,विस्फोटक
10. Acquisition – Acquiring ,अर्जन

Word Power Meaning Dated 13.02.2017

1. Amid – surrounded by; in the middle of, के बीच
2. Aggrieved – unhappy due to unfair treatment,पीड़ित
3. Verdict – decision made by judge, निर्णय
4. Pronounce – the way a word or a language is customarily spoken
5. Adverse – Opposite Situtation, विपरीत
6. Implicating – to tap someone, फंसाने
7. Query – Question, सवाल
8. cordial – warm and friendly, हार्दिक
9. Violation – breach, infringement, infraction, breaking, उल्लंघन
10. Imprisonment – putting someone in prison or in jail, कैद होना

Daily Current Affairs – 13.02.2017

1. 2.83 Lakh Government Job will be created by 2018 as presented in the budget.

2.R Ashwin became the World Fastest Wicket Taker of Getting 250 Wicket.

3. High Speed Rail Corridor between Mumbai to Ahmedabad uses LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) Technlogy.

4. Six Indians have been selected for National Footall League (NFL) Campin the USA.

5. Top Indonesian Badminton Coach Mulyo Handoyo to train Indian Players

Daily Current Affairs – 12.02.2017

1. Cricket: (i) South Africa Reclaims No: 1 One Day International (ODI) Ranking, India being placed at 3rd Ranking.
(ii) South Africa Imran Tahir became Top ODI Bowler.

2. (i) India became the 5th country in the field of Operational Two-Toer Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system by destroying a high altitude interceptor Missile to destroy an incoming ballistic missile.
(ii) Only 4 Nation Posses the Technology which are USA, Russia, China, Israel
(iii) Phase – I BMD system geared towrads tackling enemy missiles with a 2000Km Range, Phase -II to enable interception of missiles in 5000 km range.

Word Meaning Dated 12.02.2017

(i) Contempt – a strong feeling of disliking and having no respect for someone or something, अपमान करना
(ii) Unethical – not morally correct, अनैतिक
(iii) Apex – top, supreme, सर्वोच्च
(iv) Offence – an illegal ac, अपमान
(v) Atrocities – an extremely wicked or cruel act, अत्याचार
(vi) Harsh – Hard, Tough, कठोर
(vii) Malpractice – improper, illegal, or negligent professional behaviour, कदाचार
(viii) Comprehensive – including or dealing with all, व्यापक
(ix) Absconding – to escape, फरार
(x) Interceptor – a fast aircraft for stopping or repelling hostile aircraft, इंटरसेप्टर

Word Meaning Dated 07.02.2017

(i) Recover – to find somethingv which was lost, ,की वसूली
(ii) Dues – Unpaid Amount, बकाया राशि
(iii) Repayment – to return the thing back to borrower, वापसी
(iv) Rejects – Cancel, unacceptable, dismiss, अस्वीकृत
(v) Severe – VERY SERIOUS, कठोर
(vi) Counsel – advice, advisory body,परामर्श
(vii) Extension – to enlarge or prolong, विस्तार
(viii) Unencumbered – without any difficult, भार रहित
(ix) Auctioned – to bet, नीलाम
(x) Regulator – to put in command or control, रेगुलेटर
(xi) Meagre – Not Enough, Small in Number, अल्प
(xii) Assembling – Combining all pieces to make single piece, कोडांतरण